Review: Elf Killers

Elf Killers by Carol Marrs Phipps & Tom Phipps

Genre: Fantasy Reviewed by Anita Cross

I’m a big fan of Fantasy and was really looking forward to reading Elf Killers. It pains me to say I didn’t enjoy this book. The trolls were a big part of the reason. While there is a glossary in the back of the book explaining what all the Trollish words mean, the extensive use of these words, and the repetition during the numerous chants just bogged things down for me. I gave up caring what they were saying a few pages into the book.

The world the Phipps created was beautifully done. I could see many of the plants, animals and landmarks in my mind. But the writing of the story line felt simplistic to me, as if they were writing a children’s book. Yet the violence as the elves fight the trolls, or the trolls fight amongst themselves, would suggest otherwise. I certainly wouldn’t give this book to a child.

Another thing that threw me off was jumps in time. For example, at the end of one chapter, two elves had just agreed to court. At the beginning of the next, the girl is getting ready for her wedding. My first thought was they were marrying right away, but other details were brought up indicating it had been a long time. Every time this happened, it pulled me out of the story as I looked back to see if I’d missed something.

The ending felt too abrupt to me and left me wondering about several characters and their relationships. I would have preferred to know more about how the surviving elves coped after the big fight with the trolls. And I would like to know how things went with domesticating the large wild birds in the area. Too much was left up in air.

I must say I did like the interactions between the elves, in spite of how simply written. Once I got past caring what the trolls were saying, I started to care about what happened to the main elf characters. I liked the way they adapted to their new environment and worked together to survive.

A lot of work went into writing Elf Killers, and it really shows in the world building aspects of the story. While this book didn’t work for me, it’s fairly well-written. And there are a number of four and five-star reviews for it on Amazon. If you like Fantasy, have a “Look Inside”… You might just think I’m crazy for not liking the book.

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