Review: The Reunion

The Reunion (Beneath the Trap Door) by A.A. Pencil

Rave Reviews Book Club Featured Selection for May 2014
Genre: Psychological Suspense Reviewed by Anita Cross

This is the first book by a new author. It could benefit from a line-by-line proofread, and that might put some readers off. But… for the reader willing to persevere, there is a wonderfully told story that will have you crying for more.

A private reunion hosted by one former student, an actress who’d landed a choice role, quickly descends into a living nightmare instead of the selfish celebration she’d intended. Unable to leave the rented mansion, first one then another of the former classmates turn up dead.

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing, and an ending you’ll never see coming.

A.A. Pencil has created an interesting world and cast of characters. As the situation deteriorates, the interactions between the characters change—loyalties shift and suspicions keep everyone off balance.

The story gets off to a slow start as you’re introduced to the players. But after reading the entire story, I don’t see how the author could have started the book at a more exciting point. Stick with it. If you like Suspense and Psychological Thrillers, I doubt you will be disappointed.

About Anita Cross

is the host of The Writers Chat and a newly-minted Indie Author writing under the pen name of Lorraine Adair. Before embarking on her own writer's journey, Anita could be found proofreading and editing manuscripts for other Indie Authors.

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