Butt In Chair (BIC)

BIC - 3D Character With Butt In Chair, Writing

In live Chat today, we talked about getting your story down. I borrowed the Nike slogan: Just Do It. The biggest problem I have as a writer is making the time for BIC. There are so many things competing for my attention. And I don’t have any little ones at home, (if you don’t include […]

The Ellipsis & Text Flow

Simulated Screenshot of Kindle

You know the ellipsis, the three consecutive dots used to indicate omitted words from a quote. Ellipses are also used in fiction to indicate a pause in either the narrative or dialog. How to use the ellipsis varies depending on which authority you reference. For a quick run down of the different authorities’ recommendations, check […]

Editing Your Own Books

Where's The Edit?

Generally speaking, it isn’t recommended that you, as a writer, edit your own work. There’s a very good reason for this. You know the story so well, your brain will automatically “see” what it’s expecting to see. But you can make life easier for your editor if you know and apply generally accepted rules for […]

Kindle eBook Updates & You

Stack of Books Strapped Together

Did you know you’re book won’t update to your customers unless you inform Amazon you’ve made an update? If you’re like me, you reread your book after it’s published. Sense of pride or glutton for punishment, either way, you want to make sure it looks and reads the way you wanted it to… And then […]

Self-Publishing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Fountain Pen On Written Page

Prior to Amazon and their request for self-published books for Kindle, traditional publishers had most of the power in the book industry. These “gatekeepers” made decisions on who and what to publish based on their own goals, not necessarily the writing, or even the perceived merchantability of the book. However, once a manuscript was accepted […]

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