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Author Brianna SomershamThe Writers Chat is Proud To Present Brianna Somersham, The Writers Chat community member and Indie Author. Brianna’s latest book, Love Pain, is available for preorder on Amazon and will be released on November 19, 2014.

The Origins of “Love Pain”

Hi guys!

I want to start off by thanking Anita for inviting me to do a guest post here at The Writer’s Chat. :) I really appreciate your helping me get the word out and I hope I don’t flub this. LOL

So, today I am going to attempt to explain to you a thing about my latest release, Love Pain. Ready? Okay, here goes. (clears throat…) It’s great ’cause I wrote it so go buy it.

Haha. No. For real, though, Love Pain is my second published release under the name Brianna Somersham and it’s about…wait for it – vampires! Le gasp

I know, I know. Vampires have been done to death (snicker) and I’m riding on the tail-end of their heyday, but I don’t see them stopping any time soon.

The characters for Love Pain are different in that I like my vampires to be deceptively beautiful and slender. They aren’t muscled warriors of old, or bad boys with an agenda but are instead wiry and seductive – a little on the pretty side, to be honest. If I’m going to be writing about creatures of the night that feed on the living, I want them to at least be pleasing to look upon. 😉

And while most vampire stories you see on the market today center around bad-ass vamps with a tortured past a millennium long, the centric story of Love Pain isn’t about all that. Sure, their pasts are filled with painful memories, but is that not just them having lived? And, okay, some of them are a bit dramatic (cough) Keir (cough,) but you gotta have your drama llama in there somewhere, am I right?

Of course I am.


All that being said, I have a bit of a confession to make. Love Pain started out as fan fiction.

“Seriously?!” you ask? Yes, yes, I’m quite serious, and also a little hesitant to admit it because there’s so much ridiculousness surrounding fanfic. People are wont to look down at you for it, and after the hullabaloo with E.L. James and her 50 Shades fame…. Yeah.

Anyway, my uncle and I were doing writing challenges at the time to break him in to writing and to get me back into the groove of finishing things. That particular challenge was fanfic. Our word count goal? 10,000 words max in about a month. At the time, we were seriously having to push ourselves to complete 5k in a week.

Needless to say, Love Pain skyrocketed to an impressive 28k in just a few short weeks. I was so proud of myself for having written so much in that amount of time. The last time I’d written anything near that was back in 2007 and that story was Emrys. (Coming soon.)

I struggled for years after Emrys to get anything I began writing, finished. I suggested the writing exercises to get me past that, to push me to finish the things I started and it helped tremendously.

After Love Pain was ‘finished’ in all its unpolished glory, I let it sit in my documents folder where no one else would ever see it until one day I decided to let my mother have a look at it. Knowing she wouldn’t read it as a fanfic, I switched up the names and sent it off to her.

It took her forever to get to it, lol, but when she finally did get back to me about it, she had this to say: “The names don’t fit the setting.”

I remember rolling my eyes at her astute observation. Duh. Of course they didn’t fit. I hadn’t really gotten around to changing things so that everything ‘worked’ when I sent it to her.

Still, I knew the story needed a lot of work, and I mean a lot of work. My writing had improved so much between the time I’d originally written it and the time I decided I wanted to publish it. After a good bit of editing, I can honestly say it is far removed from the fanfic it once was and I am happier for it, and so are my characters. It’s much better as an original story. :)

All that aside, the vampire characters in Love Pain are not the typical vampires you read about in romance novels today. In fact, Love Pain is not really a romance. It’s more a tale of friendship and overcoming adversity and of making difficult choices that may or may not be the right ones. That’s not to say there isn’t romance in it, ’cause there is. It’s just not the main focus.

So, in essence, Love Pain is a story that started out as something completely different and morphed into something bigger, grander, and far more than I had originally intended it to be, spawning a sequel that I am working on even as we speak, er, type. 😉

So come, join Taliesin and his brethren as they experience and endure bittersweet, and often tragic, Love Pain.

Until next story!


Author Bio

Brianna Somersham lives her days surrounded by gorgeous men whose fondest desires are catering to her every whim. Or that’s what she’d like to happen, anyway. In actuality, she spends her days battling her band of siblings in verbal combat and she has the scars to prove it.

She also devotes an insane amount of her time to listening to foreign boybands; something a few of her brothers despise (because she won’t shut up about them), but she believes that music is universal and shouldn’t be disregarded simply because one doesn’t speak the language.

Aside from that, she often fantasizes about traveling to other countries one day in the far off future. Whether or not that will happen is another thing entirely.

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