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Kathryn Chastain Treat - small author photoThe Writers Chat is Proud To Present Kathryn Chastain Treat, Rave Reviews Book Club member and this week’s Spotlight Author. Kathryn’s book, Allergic to Life, is the compelling auto-biographical story of her battle against a chronic condition and the resulting effects on her life and relationships.

My Daughter, The Ghost Buster

I suffer from Chemical Sensitivity brought on by a mold exposure. The slightest amount of chemicals that most people take for granted can make me ill. I have often been asked what the funniest thing that has ever happened since becoming ill.

My younger daughter came for a short visit. We were scheduled to make the 45 minute drive to her sister’s house that Saturday afternoon. Everything was ready for our drive and my daughter had put on her white Tyvek suit to keep from contaminating my car; the same white Tyvek suit that she wears in my house. We jumped in the car and headed for our destination. Ten minutes into the drive I began to get a headache, my sinuses were becoming congested, and my voice was quickly getting that familiar crackle. Suddenly it dawned on us. My daughter had visited her hairdresser that morning and had her hair done. In my rush to get going I hadn’t thought about what having her hair done would do to me.

I found the safest place to pull off the road and we both jumped out.   We couldn’t go on the way things were and I couldn’t call anyone to come help us! We searched the back seat and then the trunk to find something, anything; we could put over her hair. And there it was! In the trunk of my car was a, white plastic garbage bag. I always keep them in my car for emergencies or for putting my passenger’s belongings into them.

We got the bag out of the trunk and tried to put it over her hair. The wind was blowing and gusts of air would get under the bag and fill it like a balloon. We fought and fought the wind and the air in the bag becoming more frustrated with each attempt. Here we were on the side of the road and she is wearing the white Tyvek suit that is too big (I only buy XXXL so that the suits will fit even the largest person) and we are trying unsuccessfully to put a white garbage bag over her head.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, a highway patrol cruiser, pulls up behind my car and the officer gets out seeing if we need assistance. I had to explain as simply as I could without appearing to be a complete lunatic that I have sensitivities to chemicals and my daughter had just had her hair done and it was making me sick. We then had to explain that we were trying to cover her hair with the bag but we couldn’t keep the air from getting into the bag. I purposely tried to ignore the fact that she was wearing the too big and funny looking white suit. The officer, however, noticed and made a funny comment about maybe she was a ghost buster and then calmly walked over and helped us get the bag on her hair. Politely I was asked to move slightly so he could copy my license plate number for his report. As he walked away he mumbled that it bothered him when his wife got her hair done as well.

We finished our trip and I hoped I could put this incident behind us. A few weeks later our tenant arrived at my doorstep to pay rent. He told me about having coffee with his highway patrol buddies and one of them talking about rescuing two women on the side of the road and something about a garbage bag and ghost busters. I began laughing and had to admit that the two women were my daughter and I. I knew the officer was bound to recount his bizarre roadside stop but had no idea that it would be to someone I knew. There is the saying, Seven Degrees of Separation. I don’t know how many degrees of separation there was but it was closer to home than I would have ever thought.

Author Bio

Kathryn Chastain Treat

Kathryn was born in Missouri, but grew up in the Central Valley of California. After the birth of her daughters, Kathryn chose to stay at home, leaving behind a career in the secretarial field.

Later, with her children grown, Kathryn decided to return to the work force. What started out as a new and exciting chapter, an opportunity for professional growth and financial independence, turned into a battle for her very life. Exposed to mold in her new workplace, Kathryn developed a severe immune system dysfunction.

In Allergic to Life, Kathryn shares her story of self-doubt, loss of identity, and the pain of skepticism-from the medical and legal profession-in a heart-wrenching journey of endurance, hope and hard-won triumph.

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Allergic to Life

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  1. Thank you for hosting me Anita and for the lovely way you set up my blog post. I truly appreciate all of your support.

  2. wow! this is a difficult story to tell, never mind live. So sorry for all your suffering, Kathryn, and hoping that it helps others in the same situation.

  3. What a lovely post. Kathryn, that is such a funny story! It is great that you can find the humour in such a difficult situation. I can only admire your perseverance and spirit.

    Lorraine, thank you for hosting Kathryn. And, I must say, what a lovely website you have!

    Very best wishes to both of you lovely ladies! :))

  4. Anita that was a superb feature!

    And Kathryn – that was funny and although it’s hard sometimes, you have managed to keep your sense of humour in very trying and upsetting times – well done to you and your family!

  5. Kathryn, that was a funny story. It’s great that you can see the humour in such a difficult situation. You have a lovely blog, Anita. Thank you for hosting.

  6. Great story! I love the way you find humor in difficulty. We can all learn something from that.

  7. Hi, Anita. Oh, what a lovely policeman. Glad it was sorted, Kathryn. :)

  8. I enjoyed reading about your adventure and hoped that it was not too traumatic. God bless the policeman who did not make a big deal out of it. You have a wonderful gift for writing…thank you for letting me be a part of your life.

    • Karen, thank you for stopping by and supporting me on my “spotlight” blog tour. I am so glad that he didn’t make a big deal out of our situation and thank your for the compliment.

  9. I know you can’t see me, but I have to apologize for laughing out loud when I read the story… Your writing brought the scene out to life!

  10. Hi, Anita and Kathryn. Fantastic post! Will share. :)

  11. Hi Anita, thanks so much for hosting Kathryn on your gorgeous blog! Kathryn, this story is hilarious! After reading this, and thinking back to a comment Kindle Ninja made during our SPOTLIGHT Chat, I may NEVER get the Ghost Busters song out of my head!!! I know you’ve been through so much, but you really are helping so many others by sharing your story. My very best wishes on your continued success. xoxo :)

    • Hi Danica,

      Yes, that song has been in my head since I wrote the blog post. Thank you for following along on my RRBC “Spotlight” blog tour and leaving such a wonderful comment. This could just be one of the best seats in the house!

  12. How hilarious is that!! Can you imagine what the people in the cars driving by were thinking? Bless ya’ll heart! The things we all take for granted. Great story Kathryn.

    • Hello Kim

      OH, I never even thought about what passersby might have thought! You have now added a whole new dimension to the story.

      Thank you for following along on my blog tour and taking the time to leave a comment.

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